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Venture Associate

Will Sweeny hails from Manchester, England where as soon as he was old enough to sit up, he would spend hours hitting upturned pans with wooden spoons. His love of music and drumming had begun. He got his first set of drums as a young child. It was there that he formed his first band "White Eskimo" playing drums, and his music career took off in the UK. Will soon became the group's frontman, and went on to perform his music in England's hottest venues and appeared regularly across National television and radio, including The BBC and ITV. With the extensive background of being around big names and big brands, Will not uses his frontman-leading qualities, coupled with his superpower of drumming, to help emerging companies grow - All while maintaining the beat. 


Morrison Seger Venture Capital Partners has raised tens of millions of dollars across a variety of brands, ranging from CPG to SaaS. Our team of seasoned experts brings decades of experience, so we know what it takes to build, maintain and successfully exit, when the opportunities arise.

Disclaimer: Morrison Seger Venture Capital Partners is in no way providing financial advice through the efforts of this communication. 

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