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Venture Associate

David is a startup executive with sports marketing and golf experience. David worked at Adams Golf where he was responsible for bringing a new product to market ultimately leading to IPO. After Adams’ IPO, David focused on bringing new technology to market for Silicon Valley startups including IronPort Systems, BlueCoat Systems and OpenDNS, providing him the opportunity be part of two $500M+ acquisitions.

David attend the University of Miami Graduate School after receiving his undergraduate degree from Texas Tech. His sports marketing experience includes Dallas Stars hockey team, America’s Red Clay Court Championships in Coral Springs, Florida, an ATP Tour event, the Byron Nelson golf tournament and Streetball Partners International, working on the NFL’s Air-it-Out property.


Morrison Seger Venture Capital Partners has raised tens of millions of dollars across a variety of brands, ranging from CPG to SaaS. Our team of seasoned experts brings decades of experience, so we know what it takes to build, maintain and successfully exit, when the opportunities arise.

Disclaimer: Morrison Seger Venture Capital Partners is in no way providing financial advice through the efforts of this communication. 

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