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Founder & CEO

Rogers Healy is a seasoned entrepreneur, with over 20 years of investing experience. As a founder of multiple companies, ranging from the real estate to the memorabilia space, Rogers considers his secret weapon to be his eye for talent. Being a business owner, Rogers knows what it takes and what makes a company successful.

As an entrepreneur, investor, leader, and music guru, Rogers embodies the spirit of a business owner. Rogers jumped into business at an early age, and in 2005 started what is now Texas’ largest independently owned real estate company, Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate. Since its inception, Rogers went on to be the founder of Rogers Healy and Associates Land and Lake, Rogers Healy and Associates Commercial Real Estate, Healy Global Real Estate and Relocation, and Healy Property Management.

As fate would have it, Rogers made his first investment in the world of Venture Capital in 2012, in Mizzen + Main. He fell in love with the idea of connecting the dots in the world of VC, and has since become one of Texas’ most active investors. After over a decade of investing in deals ranging from CPG to SaaS, Rogers founded Morrison Seger Venture Capital Partners. “MoSe” quickly made a name for themselves, with early-stage investments in companies ranging from tequila to trading cards, and have been able to add a new layer of experience to venture capitalism.

Most importantly, Rogers lives a life of faith, alongside his wife Abby, their daughters Henley and Collins (named after Eagles’ frontman, Don Henley, and Phil Collins), their dogs, and all their music memorabilia. Rogers has one of the largest collections of music memorabilia in the world. During his free time, Rogers enjoys relaxing with his family and friends at ‘Hotel California’, his 2,500sq ft back house turned music oasis.

As a veteran investor, Rogers is a part of some of the most well known brands in America.

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previous investmets

With over 20 years of investing experience, Rogers Healy has had the opportunity to play a role in some of the world's most disruptive brands. From better-for-you snacks, to the most comfortable dress shirt in the world, there is one thing in common with these brands: an amazing team.

DISCLAIMER:  The above investments were made by Rogers Healy personally prior to the inception of Morrison Seger.
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