Smell Good. Look Good. Feel Good. With Laundry Sauce, the best smelling laundry detergent.

Laundry Sauce

Introducing: Laundry Sauce

Morrison Seger is proud to welcome Laundry Sauce to our portfolio. When you smell you best, look your best, and feel your best, you're ready to take on the rest. From work to play to finally slipping into your freshly sauced sheets at night, Laundry Sauce empowers you to step into every situation with swagger and sophistication. Smell Good. Look Good. Feel Good. With Laundry Sauce.

About the product

Laundry Sauce elevates your everyday essentials so you can rise above the ordinary and BE extraordinary. Laundry Sauce is the hype for your hamper, the luxury for your laundry day, the extra touch for your towels, the secret sauce for a better wash.

With four different types of scents and three different products you can choose from, Laundry Sauce offers the world's best smelling laundry detergent for everyone. Shop Laundry Sauce now at

Why Laundry Sauce?

Morrison Seger believes in Laundry. From their exceptional product line, to their innovative leadership, Laundry Sauce is on the way to market dominance. We are thrilled to be a part of it.

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