Brought to you by Dylan Lemay, the world's largest ice cream-centric digital creator, their flagship shop in Manhattan will take it to a whole new level for everyone who loves ice cream.

Catch'n Ice Cream

Introducing: Catch'n Ice Cream:

Morrison Seger is proud to welcome Catch'N Ice Cream to our portfolio. Treat yourself to ice cream like never before with the interactive and immersive customer experience unique to Catch'n Ice Cream.

About the product

Catch'N Ice Cream takes playing with your food to a while new level. Catch'N Ice Cream crafts its ice cream into balls, envelopes them in chocolate, and then dips them in a variety of toppings. The specific purpose behind the shape is to allow customers to indulge in a unique and playful twist on a familiar treat.

With their flagship store located in Manhattan, customers are able to try 11 varieties of ice cream as well as 6 varieties of cakes. Customers are bound to find something they love, and experience a whole new level of fun and indulgence. Visit to learn more.

Why Catch'N Ice Cream?

Morrison Seger believes in Catch'n Ice Cream. Catch'n Ice Cream's dedication to a customer-forward mindset allows it to create a first-of-its-kind, immersive experience for anyone who walks in its doors.

Morrison Seger saw their vision to disrupt the traditional ice cream and dessert industry and knew they were bound for greatness.

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Catch'n Ice Cream

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